Sheep Wool

Mongolia’s endless steppes are the habitat of about 32 million sheep. They are very important livestock for the nomadic herder families, providing the main share of the needed meat as well as wool which is worked into felt covers for their gers (yurts). The Mongolian sheep with their typical large fat tail withstand the harsh climate with cold winters and hot summers as well as partly poor pastures.

They are not threatened by fly transmitted parasitic infections which plague the sheep population in other large wool producing countries. In the early summer herders shear their sheep carefully and by hand and sell the wool through their cooperatives to the Mongolian textile industry.

This wool is ideally suited for making of felt products and carpets. With their over 80 years of experience the manufacturers have also master the skills to dehair the wool up to ten times and to produce comfortable, warming and soft textiles such as plaids and socks.

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